TR Janaes Ettawood

Foaled: June 9, 2017               Color: Gray (Blue Roan)               AQHA #: 5813172

Sire: Fintry Drift Hancock      Dam: Janae Drift

5 panel results: PSSM1 N/N, MH N/N, HERDA N/N, HYPP N/N, GBED N/Gbed

Etta carries one copy of the GBED gene, Information on this gene can be found on the AQHA website, this gene with one copy is a non-issue if she is going to be used as a riding horse or as a broodmare and being bred to a stallion that is N/N for the GBED gene. 

Etta carries 15.23% Driftwood, 9.57% Joe Hancock and 3.52% King blood. Her sire Fintry Drift Hancock has been the foundation sire for Fintry Quarter horses for over 20 years, Fintry Drift Hancock has one his papers Grey Badger II, Buck Hancock by Joe Hancock, Ruby Hancock, Cibecue Roan who is both 25% Driftwood and Joe Hancock (Roan Prairies sire), Toms Rosewood who is 25% Driftwood and 12.5% Joe Hancock, and Deer Light who traces to Three Bars and Joe Hancock.

Etta’s dam Janae Drift has a pedigree that is second to none with Driftwood showing up in her pedigree 9 times in total with it appearing 5 times within the first 5 generations! Janae carries 24.22% Driftwood blood, 43.75 % of which is Orphan Drift. Janae also carries 21.88% Poco Speedy, 5.47% King blood and 4.3% Joe Hancock blood. Etta would also have a very high percentage of foundation blood as her dam is registered with the FQHA at 100%. 

Etta is going to be a big strong powerful horse as evidence by her sisters that we have in our broodmare band (find them on our website full sister Fintry Driftwood Joy, Fintry GiGiwood, and ¾ sister Fintry Miss Mandrift, as well as her dam Janae Drift).  Etta was halter trained as a weanling and has had some handling on and off since which includes tying, trimming, de-worming, and needling.  She is getting better with all these and can be left tied in a tie stall for extended periods of time.  The only reason for selling her is we are keeping back her 2018 sister.

If not sold before spring I will be putting 30 days on her and her price will increase accordingly.

$1600.00 obo