Fintry Driftwood Joy

Joy is a 15.0 HH 2006 AQHA mare that is 5 panel N/N. We purchased Joy from Don Woitte at the same time as her mom Janae Drift.  Joy was broke to ride when she was younger and she had her first foal in 2018 a colt.  Joy has a good solid build and throw a stocky colt.

Joy carries 15.23% Driftwood, 9.57% Joe Hancock and 3.52% King blood. Her sire Fintry Drift Hancock has been the foundation sire for Fintry Quarter horses for over 20 years and Don feels like he is the best stud he ever owned. His foals are the proof of that as Fintry Drift Hancock has one his papers Grey Badger II, Buck Hancock by Joe Hancock, Ruby Hancock, Cibecue Roan who is both 25% Driftwood and Joe Hancock (Roan Prairies sire), Toms Rosewood who is 25% Driftwood and 12.5% Joe Hancock, and Deer Light who traces to Three Bars and Joe Hancock. Joys dam Janae Drift pedigree is second to none with Driftwood showing up in her pedigree 9 times in total with it appearing 5 times within the first 5 generations! Janae carries 24.22% Driftwood blood, 43.75 % of which is Orphan Drift. Janae also carries 21.88% Poco Speedy, 5.47% King blood and 4.3% Joe Hancock blood.

We are going to continue crossing her on Soulman Hudson Wood to produce foals that carry 17% Driftwood blood and over 9% Joe Hancock! This combination should create a winning pedigree! Joy is confirmed in foal to Soulman Hudson Wood for a March / April 2019 foal.

2019 Foal # 6

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Ee/Aa/CRCR, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam – Fintry Driftwood Joy 2006 AQHA Gray 15.0 HH, P PANEL N/N

The foal will be 5 panel N/N through parentage.  This will be Joy’s second foal and it will carry 17% Driftwood blood tracing back to him 16 times, and 9% Joe Hancock (21 times).  This foal should be flat out built and bred to work. We have her dam, a full sister and ¾ sister also in our broodmare band. The foal off this cross last year is a sharp looking buckskin colt.

Possible colors:

38.28% - Buckskin                  38.28% - Gray (Buckskin)                  6.25% - Palomino       

6.25% - Gray (Palomino)        5.47% - Gray (Smoky Black)              5.47% - Smoky Black