Chulawoods Babe

Chula is a 1998 Buckskin (Dunskin) AQHA mare 5 panel N/N. That we also purchased from Don Woitte in 2015, we had previously purchased he daughter Fintry Chulawood Ann whom is in our brood mare band, and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to own Chula when we had the chance.  Yearly her foal is typically one of the first to be sold.

Chula while short in stature only standing 14.2 HH has foals with big hips, lots of bone and some of the fanciest heads you will ever find on a quarter horse! Chula has produced 9 papered foals with only 3 being colts. She has been confirmed in foal for a late March early April foal to Driftincountrymusic, which will be the third time for the combination. The first two crosses produced identical Dunskin foals a 2017 colt and a 2018 filly! If Chula happens to have another filly off this combination it may not be offered for sale, so scope her 2019 foal up now!


Chula’s pedigree contains a good combination of ranch and performance pedigree containing 6.25 % Driftwood blood, 4.69% King blood as well as a touch of Hancock.  Chula’s sire South Dakota Te has a strong dose of thoroughbred on the top side going the Azure Te as well Three Bars, and on the bottom side of Chula’s sires pedigree she has Docs Jack Frost who was sired by Doc Bar. The bottom side of Chula’s pedigree is even stronger than the top with Driftwood Ike, Orphan Annie C, and Poco Speedy all on her papers.  Her dam Chulawood was sired by Orphan Drift out of Poco Chilena a mare that has the like’s of Poco Bueno by King, Blackburn, and Wimpy either on her papers or within the next two generations.

We plan on breeding her to Driftincountrymusic until her time as a broodmare comes to an end!

2019 Foal # 1

Sire – Driftincountrymusic AQHA Grullo EE/aa/Dd (homozygous black), 14.3 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam – Chulawoods Babe 1998 AQHA Buckskin (carries the Dun gene) 14.2 HH, 5 panel N/N

The foal will be 5 panel clean through parentage.  The previous two foals from this same combination have been some of the best built foals we have ever raised!  Chula has had many stand out foals over the years, and we have a daughter of hers in our broodmare band! This foal will trace to Driftwood 3 times, King 18 and Joe Hancock 16. The foals off this cross sell fast purchase it in-utero because if it’s a filly we may just retain her for our broodmare band to replace her dam.

Possible colors:

28.13% - Bay Dun                  28.13% - Dunskin       9.38% - Grullo                        9.38% - Bay   

9.38% - Smoky Grullo            9.38% - Buckskin        3.13% - Smoky Black             3.13% -Black