CU Bonnie Wood

Bonnie is a 15.2 HH 2007 AQHA mare that is 5 panel N/N. We have raised one colt from her in 2018, who is currently still available for sale. Bonnie had previously had one filly. Bonnie is the perfect combination of speed and ranch as she is a big long legged mare that is built to cover some ground.

Bonnie carries 10.16% Driftwood, 6.25% Dash for Cash, 4.74% Joe Hancock, 4.49% King blood.  On her top side she has Orphan Drift, Poco Judy Sue (a granddaughter of both Poco Bueno and Driftwood), The Dichotomizer by Docs Jack Frost out of Miss Cindy Wood (who is by Orphan Drift out of Poco Judy Sue) and Blackburns Babe (who traces to Blackburn and King).  Bonnies bottom side contains on her papers Guatemala Canal (by War Conch who is 25% Joe Hancock and Driftwood and 12.5% King), Dry Fork Belle (traces to King, Joe Hancock, and Wimpy on the top and is double bred Blue Valentine on the bottom), and Counter Move (by Dash for Cash).

Bonnie crossed extremely well with Driftincountrymusic for her 2018 colt and we can’t wait to see what they keep producing! Bonnie is confirmed in foal for a 2019 March / April foal.

2019 Foal # 7

Sire – Driftincountrymusic AQHA Grullo EE/aa/Dd (homozygous black), 14.2 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam – CU Bonnie Wood 2007 AQHA Buckskin 15.2 HH, 5 Panel N/N

This foal will be 5 panel N/N through parentage. This will the second foal from this cross, the 2018 Bay colt is built with long legs clean chest and the prettiest head around.  She has a very strong ranch type pedigree and should cross will on Driftincountrymusic again for 2019! The resulting foal will carry 6.6% Driftwood blood and trace to King and Joe Hancock many times.  This foal should also have some run on the bottom side tracing back to Dash for Cash.

Possible colors:

18.75% - Buckskin      18.75% - Bay Dun                  18.75% - Bay              18.75% - Dunskin      

6.25% - Black             6.25% - Smoky Grullo            6.25% - Smoky Black            

6.25% - Grullo





Dam pedigree: CU BONNIE WOOD