RR Penny Ranchero


Penny is a 1999 Buckskin AQHA mare that carries one copy of Gbed but is clean on the other 4.  Penny was raised by Tammy’s cousin at Riata Ranch. Penny has had many previous foals that are being used for many different aspects of ranch work. She continuously out produces herself and throws big hipped, big boned well put together foals.


Penny is 15.0 HH, Penny’s top side carries the likes of Three Chicks by Three Bars with a strong mix of Thoroughbred and King Ranch breeding as found through the Ranchero bloodline. As strong as her top line is it is truly the bottom side of Penny’s pedigree that we need to look at, on her papers she has Peppy San Badger by Mr San Peppy out of Sugar Badger who was by Grey Badger III. Penny then has Montanas Lena on her papers who was a producer of top ten World show, money earning offspring. Montanas Lena was by Doc Olena who was by the great AQHA hall of fame Doc Bar, and out of the AQHA hall of fame mare Poco Lena.  If we continue down Pennys papers we then see Docs Tom Thumb, the very bottom name found on Penny’s third generation however is the one that stands out the most to me however Miss Paulaharlan by Harlan. Harlan has produced many top end horses and I feel like his pedigree mixed in with all of the above-mentioned horse’s give every indication possible as to why Penny is throwing top notch working foals!


2021 - Confirmed in foal to Soulman Hudson Wood  and is avialable in-utero.  


Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam – RR Penny Ranchero 1999 AQHA Buckskin 15.0 HH. 5 panel (Gbed) n/Gbed, (Herda) N/N, (Hypp) N/N, (MH) N/N, (PSSM1) N/N. 

Possible colors:

19.14% Perlino 
19.14% Perlino Roan
19.14% Buckskin 
19.14% Buckskin Roan
3.13% Cremello 
3.13% Cremello Roan
3.13% Palomino 
3.13% Palomino Roan
2.74% Smoky Black 
2.74% Smoky Blue Roan
2.74% Smoky Cream 
2.74% Smoky Cream Roan







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