Janae Drift

Janae is a 15.2 HH 1996 Dun AQHA mare that Don Woitte purchased and brought to Canada as a yearling in 1997. Janae is also registered 100% FQHA.  She carries one copy of Gbed but is clean on the other 4. Janae was the cornerstone mare to Don’s breeding program for many years and we truly feel lucky to have the chance to breed her during the wind down to her breeding career!

Janae has been a fantastic producer of both colts and fillies.  She has had 16 foals to date with 7 of them being colts and 9 being fillies.  Many of the colts had been kept has herd sires themselves! Of the 9 fillies Janae has had we currently own 3 of them, 1 of which is currently in our brood mare band.  Any future foals from Janae will not be offered for sale.


Janae’s foals all have a big rangy look to them and they are built to work, they are built the way a Quarter Horse should be with strength and depth to them! Janae’s pedigree is second to none with Driftwood showing up in her pedigree 9 times in total with it appearing 5 times within the first 5 generations! Janae carries 24.22% Driftwood blood, 43.75 % of which is Orphan Drift. Janae also carries 21.88% Poco Speedy, 5.47% King blood and 4.3% Joe Hancock blood.


We are sure hoping to have a few more great foals from this mare as we plan to cross her to Soulman Hudson Wood as many times as we can to produce foals carrying 21.48% Driftwood blood! The proof of her capabilities to produce top notch foals is seen in how many of them are now raising or the sire’s of there own foals!


2021 - Has been confirmed in foal to  Soulman Hudson Wood, the resulting foal will not be for sale.

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam- Janae Drift 1996 AQHA Dun 15.2 HH. 5 panel (Gbed) n/Gbed, (Herda) N/N, (Hypp) N/N, (MH) N/N, (PSSM1) N/N. 

The foal has a 50% chance at carrying 1 copy of GBED which is a non-issue unless breeding to another carrier.

The resulting foal will carry: 21.48% Driftwood blood, 6.47% Joe Hancock and 3.17% King

Possible colors:


19.14% Dunskin 
19.14% Dunskin Roan
19.14% Buckskin 
19.14% Buckskin Roan
3.13% Dunalino 
3.13% Dunalino Roan
3.13% Palomino 
3.13% Palomino Roan 
2.74% Smoky Grullo 
2.74% Smoky Grullo Roan
2.74% Smoky Black 
2.74% Smoky Blue Roan



Dam pedigree: JANAE DRIFT