Fintry Gigiwood        


“Anna” is a 15.2 HH 2013 AQHA mare that carries one copy of Gbed and is clean on the other 4.  Anna was another one of those horse that when she was born you knew she was going to be big and fancy.  We halter broke her for Don Woitte with a few others when they were yearlings, and Tammy and I both took a liking to her.  Don offered her for sale to us and we couldn’t say no!  Anna is big and has a presence about her. She has had 5 foals for us two colt’s and three fillies all by Soulman Hudson Wood. 


Anna carries 15.23% Driftwood, 9.57% Joe Hancock and 3.52% King blood. Her sire Fintry Drift Hancock has on his papers Grey Badger II, Buck Hancock by Joe Hancock, Ruby Hancock, Cibecue Roan who is both 25% Driftwood and Joe Hancock (Roan Prairies sire), Toms Rosewood who is 25% Driftwood and 12.5% Joe Hancock, and Deer Light who traces to Three Bars and Joe Hancock. Anna’s dam Janae Drift’s pedigree is second to none with Driftwood showing up in her pedigree 9 times in total with it appearing 5 times within the first 5 generations! Janae carries 24.22% Driftwood blood, 43.75 % of which is Orphan Drift. Janae also carries 21.88% Poco Speedy, 5.47% King blood and 4.3% Joe Hancock blood.


Crossing her on Soulman Hudson Wood produces foals that carry 17% Driftwood blood and over 9% Joe Hancock! This combination should create a winning pedigree! That I can’t wait to see performing in the arena.

This Foal will carry 17% Driftwood blood


2023 Foal will be by Soulman Hudson and is available for sale in-utero!

*** This Foal is for sale in-utero $2500.00 ***


Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam – Fintry Gigiwood 2013 AQHA Bay Roan 15.2 HH and growing, 5 panel (Gbed) n/Gbed, (Herda) N/N, (Hypp) N/N, (MH) N/N, (PSSM1) N/N. 


Possible Colors: this foal has a 75% chance at being roan (25% chance of that being Homozygous)


57.42% Buckskin Roan 
19.14% Buckskin 
9.38% Palomino Roan 
8.21% Smoky Blue Roan 
3.13% Palomino 
2.74% Smoky Black