Fintry Frostys Mona

“Trinn” is a 15.0 HH 2009 AQHA mare that is 5 panel N/N. Trinn is one of the first two mares that we purchased from Don Woitte back in 2012, the first time I saw her we knew we had to have her. Now we don’t like to pick favourites but Trinn would be the mare at the top off both Tammy and my list. Tammy often refers to her as our “rock star” mare.  Trinn has produced 5 foals for us all fillies, of which all had minimal to no white on them until her 2018 flashy filly Fern that came out with a big Blaze and two high white socks. Her first filly we started and sold in a select sale was a very smart easy to work with willing filly that I am pretty sure would do whatever you ever need her to do. Her second filly we sold and has had some training started on her as well and is doing awesome.  Her third filly we have kept and I started riding her a bit this summer and she has been just as good to start as the previous one and I can’t wait to continue riding her. Her fourth filly and the first by Driftincountrymusic is one of the nicest fillies we have raised, she is a bull dog with a perfect pretty head and a presence about her.  She is owned by our daughter and she has been shown at a 4H club show as a yearling and will be shown again this year as a two year old. Trinn’s 2018 filly the was purchased by a good friend of ours within 1 minute of being born as she new I wasn’t going to sell her if I had time to react!

Trinn’s pedigree contains 8.69% Joe Hancock, 7.62% Driftwood, and a splash of King blood. Her sire Fintry Drift Hancock has been the foundation sire for Fintry Quarter horses for over 20 years and Don feels like he is the best stud he ever owned. His foals are the proof of that as Fintry Drift Hancock has one his papers Grey Badger II, Buck Hancock by Joe Hancock, Ruby Hancock, Cibecue Roan who is both 25% Driftwood and Joe Hancock (Roan Prairies sire), Toms Rosewood who is 25% Driftwood and 12.5% Joe Hancock, and Deer Light who traces to Three Bars and Joe Hancock.  Her dam  Miss Frosty Orphan has on her papers Sun frost (by Docs Jack Frost out of a Driftwood Ike daughter), Mini Depth (who carries Depth Charge and Three Bars blood lines), Stradivarious  (by Jet Deck and out of a Daughter of Leo), Surena Jo Reed  (who carries Lightning Bar, Joe Reed and Leo), Orphan Drift, Manzanita Moon (who carries Poco Bueno, Driftwood, Red Man by Joe Hancock, Brown Beulah by Driftwood, Red Sky by Red Man, and Lidless a granddaughter of Driftwood), Lazy Bones (by Docs Jack Frost and out of Poco Driftalona who was by Poco Speedy out of Ketawood by Driftwood) and Mona Leesa who carries the like’s of Three Bars, King, Blackburn and Oklahoma Star.

Trinn will continue to be bred to Driftincountrymusic for the foreseeable future, and your best bet to owning one of her foals is to purchase it in-utero! She is confirmed in foal to Driftincountrymusic for a March 2019 foal.

2019 Foal # 9

Sire – Driftincountrymusic AQHA Grullo EE/aa/Dd (homozygous black), 14.2 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam – Fintry Frostys Mona 2009 AQHA Gray 15.0 HH.

The foal will be 5 panel clean through parentage. Fintry frostys Mona carries 8.69% Joe Hancock blood, and 7.62% Driftwood blood. Fintry Frostys Mona has had five stand out fillies for us so far.  They have been easy to train and really nice to handle. The resulting foal will carry 5.4% Driftwood blood tracing to him 10 times, 5.5% Joe Hancock (26 times), and also traces to King 20 times.  This will be the third foal from this cross, her 2017 filly our daughter has kept for a 4H project, and her 2018 filly was purchased by our friend within minutes of hitting the ground to be a 4h project for her kids.  We also have her 2016 filly in our riding pen.  If you want a foal of hers your best bet is to buy it know as I have a very hard time selling any of them!

Possible colors:

9.38% - Bay                                        9.38% - Gray (Bay Dun)         9.38% - Gray (Buckskin)       

9.38% - Gray (Bay)                             9.38% - Dunskin                     9.38% - Bay Dun

9.38% - Buckskin                                9.38% - Gray (Dunskin)          3.13% - Gray (Black)

3.13% - Smoky Grullo                        3.13% - Grullo                        3.13% - Smoky Black

3.13% - Gray (Smoky Grullo)             3.13% - Black                         3.13% - Gray (Grullo)

3.13% - Gray (Smoky Black)