Fintry Chulawood Ann

“Roslyn” is a 14.3 HH AQHA mare that is 5 panel N/N. Roslyn we purchased from Don Woitte prior to purchasing her Dam Chulawoods Babe.  When I first saw her at Dons I inquired if she may be for sale and the answer was a very quick no! Don was quite fond of this filly but he eventually decided that we could have her, and boy has she produced for us! Roslyn has had 4 foals, 1 filly and 3 colts. All of her foals have had awesome heads an awesome coloring.  Due to Roslyn’s unique color when we got her color tested when we brought her home and she is: E/E, A/A, D/N, G.  To our surprise she did not carry cream.  She is homozygous black and agouti and carries the dun gene so she is a Bay Dun that also carries one copy of the gray gene. All three of her colts could have easily been kept as Stallions they are built that good!

Roslyn’s pedigree contains 8.4% Joe Hancock, 6.25% Driftwood, and 3.13% King blood. On the top side her sire Fintry Drift Hancock has been the foundation sire for Fintry Quarter horses for over 20 years and Don feels like he is the best stud he ever owned. His foals are the proof of that as Fintry Drift Hancock has one his papers Grey Badger II, Buck Hancock by Joe Hancock, Ruby Hancock, Cibecue Roan who is both 25% Driftwood and Joe Hancock (Roan Prairies sire), Toms Rosewood who is 25% Driftwood and 12.5% Joe Hancock, and Deer Light who traces to Three Bars and Joe Hancock. Roslyn’s dam Chula’s pedigree contains a good combination of ranch and performance pedigree containing 6.25 % Driftwood blood, 4.69% King blood as well as a touch of Hancock.  Chula’s sire South Dakota Te has a strong dose of thoroughbred on the top side going the Azure Te as well Three Bars, and on the bottom side of Chula’s sires pedigree she has Docs Jack Frost who was sired by Doc Bar. The bottom side of Chula’s pedigree is even stronger than the top with Driftwood Ike, Orphan Annie C, and Poco Speedy all on her papers.  Her dam Chulawood was sired by Orphan Drift out of Poco Chilena a mare that has the like’s of Poco Bueno by King, Blackburn, and Wimpy either on her papers or within the next two generations.

Roslyn will continue to be bred to Soulman Hudson Wood for the time being, until we try for a homozygous Dun filly to retain to our breeding program off Driftincountrymusic! She is currently confirmed in foal to Soulman Hudson Wood for a March / April 2019 foal.

2019 Foal # 10

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Ee/Aa/CRCR, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N

Dam – Fintry Chulawood Ann 2010 AQHA Gray – Dun Roan (color tested: EE/AA/Dun/Roan/Gray) 14.3 HH. 5 panel N/N,

The foal will be 5 panel clean through parentage.  The dam carries 6.25 % Driftwood blood as well as 8.4% Joe Hancock blood.  The resulting foal will carry 12.5% Driftwood blood and 8.5% Joe Hancock blood. Fintry Chulawood Ann has had three foals for us and they have all been lookers with very refined clean heads. Here 2017 and 2018 colts were near identical and both would have made Stallion prospects!  Every year this mare has a top notch foal that is built very well.

Possible colors:

12.50% - Gray (Dunskin Roan)          12.50% - Buckskin      12.50% - Dunskin Roan,

12.50% - Gray (Dunskin)                    12.50% - Dunskin       12.50% - Gray (Buckskin Roan)

12.50% - Buckskin Roan                    12.50% - Gray (Buckskin)